Tricot was established in 2019 by Rémi de Laquintane of Editions M.R. and Laquintane (Paris) and Tom Lehman of Genius (NY). Focusing on exceptional and precious yarns from Italy, Tricot delivers luxurious knitwear essentials. Luxury, not in the sense of indulging in decadence, but indulging in long-lasting, quality products and ethical production methods.

Tricot’s recycled cashmere sweaters are knitted in a family factory in Venice which has been creating knits for several generations within the luxury sector, wool and cotton sweaters come from yarns of organic farming in Italy, and hand knitting is done in a family workshop in Lima, in the heart of the Andes where wool and cotton are rich.

Tricot eliminates the intermediary; the manufacturing of our sweaters is done in complete transparency which also dictates the calculation of the prices, making it equitable for the workshops and the consumers. Selling direct to consumer and taking a small margin allows the price points of Tricot to remain fair as well as half the price of traditional retail. Alongside every product, we explain the cost with clarity.

The collections embody a universal perspective, combining exuberant knits with subtle attitudes—made with traditional, sustainable practices, including organic and recycled materials. The inherited craft traditions of knitting practiced within Tricot is met with a contemporary vision for fashion, resulting in an ultimately timeless look.

Tricot imagines an innovative digital experience to engage with the collections. The website features rapid click-previews of products, fast check out (shopping cart or customer account not needed), and total inclusivity—with the opportunity to share photos in your Tricot directly on the site.

Thank you for experiencing Tricot.