Women’s Khaki Recycled Cashmere Hat Women’s Khaki Recycled Cashmere Hat

Recycled Cashmere Hat

. Made from very soft cashmere, the signature ribbed cashmere beanie is as functional as it is stylish.  More info
Made from luxurious yarn composed from 50% Recycled Cashmere and 50% Virgin Cashmere.
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Contrary to popular belief, cashmere loves water. We are not speaking of heavy downpours, but of cold or lukewarm water which will prevent it from shrinking or being damaged. It shouldn’t be soaked for too long and very little washing powder should be used (or even mild baby shampoo), so as not to tarnish its color.

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Tricot recycled cashmere is made from wasted fibers from the cashmere clothes, a resource that would otherwise have been thrown away, and mixed with high quality virgin Cashmere fibers.

This creates extremely luxurious yarns which combine quality with sustainability, environment protection and C02 saving.

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Tricot fait appel à un atelier familial situé près de Venise, manufacture de produits de luxe depuis plusieurs générations.

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