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What is the story of Tricot?

Tricot, 100% cashmere

Tricot is a Cashmere company founded in Paris in 2019 by Rémi de Laquintane.

The goal of the house is to create timeless cashmere pieces, transcending fleeting fashion trends and designed to withstand the test of time.

The choice of cashmere goes beyond its imaginative allure. Cashmere embodies softness, style, a love for beautiful things, and a reverence for rare craftsmanship. It is a precious material, but its harvesting is challenging and demanding, requiring time and skilled hands to be meticulously crafted.

From the manufacturing process in Italian spinning mills to becoming a part of your everyday life, each Tricot piece is designed to stand out, to be exceptional. It represents the fusion of tradition and modernity, where cashmere becomes more than just a fabric, it becomes a look, an attitude.

Tricot is more than a fashion brand; it is a form of effortless, immediate, and undeniable elegance.

Why choose Tricot?


Tricot is a story of cashmere shaped by subtle details.

Among its apparent details are those that manifest at first glance, giving each piece a unique identity.

It's a Parisian style designed to stand out, to be exceptional.

Made with recycled cashmere, Tricot is more than just a women's and men's fashion brand; it is a form of effortless, immediate, and undeniable elegance.

It's a unisex cut that, though falsely classic, is the result of thorough research. It's colors crafted with care, daring to take a different path. It's the stitches, discreet but perfectly visible, finely knitted. These distinctive details instantly identify a Tricot attitude.

Yet, beyond these apparent details, there are those invisible to the eye. A Tricot cashmere is designed from the sturdiest threads, carefully selected by our manufacture in Italy. Much of our cashmere is recycled, making it not only more beautiful but also more sustainable and resilient. Our pieces are knitted near Venice, Italy, with three threads instead of two, creating a knit of unparalleled quality. This is how Tricot sweaters are born, designed to last almost forever.

A Tricot women's or men's sweater, a form of immediate elegance, a look, an attitude.

Tricot cashmere sweaters from the men's and women's collections are essential pieces to stay warm, with a style that captures the eye. They are timeless.

With long sleeves and five different necklines: round neck, turtleneck, V-neck, zip neck, or polo neck, these sweaters offer you a garment with a timeless air, a look, an attitude.

Tricot women's and men's sweaters have an oversized "boxy" cut: meaning they are slightly loose and tightened by ribbed cuffs at the waist and wrists.

The raglan sleeves give that effortless allure.

Their well-thought-out cuts and necklines make them must-haves for your fall-winter wardrobe.

Whether you're looking for a men's or women's sweater, we offer all colors: black, off-white, camel, beige, navy blue, khaki, brown, ecru, and many other colors to satisfy all tastes. We also offer sweaters with embroidery, a collection designed in collaboration with Nina Koltchitskaia.

How to maintain your Tricot?

By following these few steps, your Tricot sweater will stay with you for a long time:

• Cashmere loves water: it will become even softer with each wash.

• However, it doesn't like heat: wash it in cold water, using a delicate cycle and minimal detergent. Or better yet: hand wash.

• Wool-specific programs have a very gentle spin: this suits your Tricot sweater perfectly.

• Lay it flat to air dry in its original shape, without ever wringing it.

If necessary, it can be ironed with a very low heat.

What are the products available from Tricot ?

Our fit is designed with boxy, sweatshirt-inspired volume. The fit is slightly loose, then tightened at the waist. This is the basis of all our models: only the collar changes, to adapt to each desire:

• Crewneck sweater:

For its classic, easy, versatile side, because it adapts to everything.

Confession: we never get tired of it.

• Turtleneck sweater :

Minimalist, efficient, timeless. A lapel is responsible for warming your neck.

• Zip collar sweater:

The relaxation of a collar with a zipped closure combined with the softness of cashmere.

• V-neck sweater:

It reveals just the right amount of skin. Not as wise as you think

• Polo shirt:

The polo-style knit, to be worn buttoned or not.

The women's cashmere sweater is a wardrobe essential, offering timeless elegance perfectly suited to mid-season and all occasions, and also for men.

How to keep up with Tricot's latest releases ?

We've created the Tricot newsletter to keep you informed about Tricot's story and progress. Keeping our community informed is of crucial importance to us. Tricot's latest releases and surprises are in the newsletter. Designed to keep you in the loop without overwhelming you

Are exchanges possible?

To exchange an item, follow this link:

What are the delivery options of Tricot ?

You can buy your Tricot online and get it delivered anywhere in the world. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with new products and the opening of our pop-up stores.

For any additional questions, please contact the email address . We can also be reached by live chat located at the bottom right of your screen and on Instagram from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.